Dear partners,

Our objective is to offer industrial customers the complete solution for production of parts, assembled parts and products, which saves time, management effort, control costs, and guarantees quality of product and security of supply.

Having made huge investments over the past few years, Mechanics Group now operates a big and well-equipped foundry for aluminum high pressure die casting, one of the best plants for machining of parts and as well as a plant for galvanic coatings.

The other production plants are also renovated and improved to extend the production capacity of the Group. Special attention is dedicated to the production of tooling – die casting molds, injection molds and punching tools – as the basis for production of any part. Mechanics Group is aiming at manufacturing assembled parts and ready products for companies from different industries: service shop equipment, automated systems, lighting, furniture, and others.

Mechanics Group offers you the best solution for your sourcing of parts and I would like to invite you to explore the contents of the site or to visit us with a request for quote.


Dipl. Eng. Angel Cholakov












The production complex at Dragor was established in 1971 as a base for production of information media. During the years to 1990, the plant used to be the only one producer of magnetic media and diskettes in the Eastern bloc. Since the mid-90s, the plant was restructured into private companies with change in production, and MM Mechanics OOD, established in 2000, became the leading company for machining of parts.

During the last years, MM Mechanics OOD develops aluminum high pressure die casting, thermal treatment, coatings and assembly. Special attention is dedicated to the quality control with investments in the latest measurement machines.

As a leading company, MM Mechanics OOD maintains the philosophy of supporting and maintaining the production complex at Dragor and keeping the established production specialists by uniting the other private production companies though share and management participation – MM Galvancis OOD, MM Instruments OOD and MM Automotive OOD.

Mechanincs Group is the marketing name of all the united production technologies, which are dedicated to the common goal – to offer the industrial customer the complete solution for the production of parts.

The strategy of Mechanics Group is to offer the complete production cycle for parts and assembled parts as a marked competitive advantage. From the creation of the model, the production of the tooling, the casting of the parts, the machining, the coating, the assembly, the packaging and the expedition, all subject to strict quality control.

The vision of Mechanics Group is to be the leader in production of parts, assembled parts and products for industrial customers by providing a total and complete solution at optimal prices and perfect quality.