design and production of full range tooling


steels and aluminum


parts from 10 g to 22 kg



stamping of parts up to 10 mm


high productivity and precision



metal parts and units


chemical and electrochemical coatings


special appliances




Dear partners,

Our objective is to offer industrial customers the complete solution for production of parts, assembled parts and products, which saves time, management effort, control costs, and guarantees quality of product and security of supply.
Having made huge investments over the past few years, Mechanics Group now operates a big and well-equipped foundry for aluminum high pressure die casting, one of the best plants for machining of parts and as well as a plant for galvanic coatings.
The other production plants are also renovated and improved to extend the production capacity of the Group. Special attention is dedicated to the production of tooling – die casting molds, injection molds and punching tools – as the basis for production of any part. Mechanics Group is aiming at manufacturing assembled parts and ready products for companies from different industries: service shop equipment, automated systems, lighting, furniture, and others.
Mechanics Group offers you the best solution for your sourcing of parts and I would like to invite you to explore the contents of the site or to visit us with a request for quote.

Dipl. Eng. Angel Cholakov

United technologies

for unlimited technical solutions and perfect results

As an independent and medium-sized group of companies, Mechanics Group, with a horizontally structured organization and a short decision-making path, responds quickly and flexibly to the wishes and requirements of its customers.

Over 300 employees and specialists work on the territory of the group's production complex, which provides nearly 25,000 m² of production and warehouse areas, as well as highest class machine park and equipment.

⦁ Modern High Pressure Al Die Cast foundry,
⦁ Precise workshop for mold forming tools,
⦁ High productive machining workshop,
⦁ High-tech lines for galvanic coatings

are the main part of the list of solutions and capabilities that Mechanics Group offers and provides for a guaranteed result by the execution of your projects from the samples and prototype to the serial production.

We provide reliability

Sustainability policies

We are an integrated engineering and technology business group comprised of companies with flexible and experienced staff of engineers and specialists qualified in various fields of management, engineering and manufacturing technologies
Decision-making in every sector is based on knowledge, competence, creativity and leadership
We believe that sustainable policies, that ensure development, require not only individual projects and initiatives, but strategic efforts and ongoing work.
Making long-term development policies based on innovation and interaction at all company levels creates an environment of economic and social development
Mechanics Group does not just implement good practices and systems, but good management principles. Only they can guarantee quality, sustainability, equity and accountability.


Environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015

Energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011

Health & Safety

Health and Safety management system according to

ISO 45001:2018


Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015


The common goal bring together people with different competencies and abilities

Career at Mechanics Group is team-work, challenging and motivating, and provides various options for individual development, guaranteed by the resulting merit
A diverse and technically interesting work environment expected you in a business group who is looking to the future with high innovative energy and strong customer focus.

Our products

Our partners

The best of us


Mechanics Group is a reliable and loyal partner of a large number of companies from all industrial sectors, incl. automotive, medical and healthcare, measuring machines, automatic systems and electrical equipment, lighting, printing lines.
Successful partnership activities ensure the participation of Mechanics Group in the production of high quality and high value products of world brands.
Our partners receives guarantee for long-term cooperation, best commitment for co-projects, high-quality execution and control of contracted products and services.

So we got the trust of:

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